I’m Taylor Reiter and I am computational biologist and sequencing data enthusiast. I’m currently a PhD candidate at University of California, Davis in the Food Science Graduate Group. I’m in the labs of Drs. C. Titus Brown and Ben Montpetit.

I spend my research time:

  1. Analyzing metagenomes with spacegraphcats (what does one do with bags of kmers anyway?)
  2. Finding ways to make sourmash do more cool things (I can’t plot 69,056,100 comparisons at once?! May I have a random subsample please?)
  3. Integrating wine metatranscriptomes with metabolomic and genomic data to find vineyard-specific differences

I spend my teaching time:

  1. Instructing and improving Data and Software Carpentry workshops
  2. Co-coordinating the Davis R User’s Group and Meet and Analyze Data help sessions
  3. Writing and instructing other workshops

With my free time I like to:

  1. Spend time in the Pacific Northwest
  2. Hike, bike, bake, and drink tea

For more, see my CV , publications, or contact me @ReiterTaylor or tereiter@ucdavis.edu.